Simracing since: 2000

iRacing since: 2012

Current series: GT1, IMSA

Favourite car(s): Corvette C6R, Riley DP

Favourite track(s): Nürburgring Nordschleife

There are few men on the service that are willing to drive Riley Daytona Prototype. There are even fewer who can drive it well. But there’s nobody who can drive it quite like this man from Lahti, Jari Lohtari.  […]



Simracing since: 2007

iRacing since: 2010

Current series: Blancpain Endurance Series

Favourite car(s): Mercedes-Benz AMG GTR, Ford GT3

Favourite track(s): Nürburgring, Mosport

A man who lives for the competition, always driven to win and gifted with the kind of car control that most drivers can only dream of. Joni Hagner has it all, and is not afraid to put those qualities into use.  […]



Simracing since: 1986

iRacing since: 2010

Current series: Star Mazda, GTC

Favourite car(s): Ford GT, Williams FW-31

Favourite track(s): Sebring

Captain of Club Finland. Founder of Glacier Racing and GlacierTV. A man, who gets things done and is never afraid to voice his opinion. That is Joni Bäckman, in a nutshell. […]