Simracing since: 2000

iRacing since: 2012

Current series: GT1, IMSA

Favourite car(s): Corvette C6R, Riley DP

Favourite track(s): Nürburgring Nordschleife

There are few men on the service that are willing to drive Riley Daytona Prototype. There are even fewer who can drive it well. But there’s nobody who can drive it quite like this man from Lahti, Jari Lohtari. 

Having won the IMSA Riley class three seasons in a row, he has dominated his opposition to the point where, if his name is on the entry list, it’s a question of who will finish 2nd rather than a fight for the win. In season 2, he had 20 starts – and won 19 of them. Going back to season 1, those numbers are 29 wins in 34 starts, and in 2014 season 4, he won all of his 14 starts in a 6-week season.


Winning yet another Riley start in Watkins Glen. In the background, Joonas Puhakka finished 3rd, a lap down.

Aside from his obvious domination in Rileys, Jari has succeeded in other cars as well, like GT3, Corvette and even Lotus 49.

Jari Lohtari is no shy and quiet man, but he seldom boasts about his success. Whether it’s a league final or an ordinary race start, he goes out there to win and usually does just that. His career in iRacing is still relatively short, starting out as late as 2012, but despite that, he has the poise of a veteran driver. His love for motorsport is in his blood, and has merged with his IT-hobby in the form of simracing. Starting out with the original Microprose Grand Prix, Jari’s simracing history includes titles such as the EA F1 series, the GTR series and Live for Speed before moving on to iRacing.

How did Jari end up at Glacier, then?

“I was frustrated doing a paint for DW12, and complaining about it. Bäckman told me to ‘join Glacier, and you won’t have to’. I still don’t have that paint by the way. This was in summer 2014…”


Lately, Lohtari has been focused on the new GT1 series. While he has driven the Corvette a lot in the past, the series has experienced a notable boost in popularity with the introduction of Aston Martin, and it has been a welcome addition to the virtual tintop scene. Still, Lohtari, along with his teammates Joni Bäckman, Joni Hagner and Joni Takanen, still prefers the Corvette. It’s a tricky car to handle, but has won over the hearts of many hardcore drivers. It will be interesting to see the Glacier drivers duking it out with Vettes once more, as seen in the past.

Lahti vs. Hämeenlinna – Jari Lohtari on left fighting it out with his eternal rival, Mikko Niittymäki.


“My future goals are to sleep long, eat well and behave”



Questions & Answers

Q: Favourite car & track?

A: Vette and DP as cars in the service, aside from that I’m a Ferrari-fan and Nordschleife is my favourite circuit.

Q: Do you listen to music while driving? And if yes, what kind?

A: Occasionally. Heavy is best, even at its worst. 

Q: Choose 3 teammates with you to a deserted island?

A: Tapani Linnaluoto, who comes up with a way to get out, Petteri Kotovaara, who has the strength to build that, and Joni Bäckman, who will finally guide us off the island.

Q: What 3 things would you change in iRacing?

A: Splitting code in multiclass racing, couple of guys in the staff and the tyre wear.

Q: Do you stream your driving? If so, where?

A: Twitch and YouTube.

Q: Your favourite meal?

A: Lasagne? 

Q: And favourite drink?

A: For hot drinks, Cacao. In cold drinks, it’s a heated battle between wheat beers and coke. 

Q: Finally, your favourite animal?

A: Garfield <3